Herbalife sponsors more than 190 athletes, teams and competitive events around the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and professional triathlete Heather Jackson, among others.

We are a global nutrition company and our sports sponsorships reinforce the importance of a healthy, active life.

We are focused on creating partnerships with teams, athletes and event directors who are interested in Herbalife® products to support athletic performance.

Herbalife sponsorships athletes

Herbalife sponsors professional athletes who share our commitment to excellence, health and an active lifestyle. Our sponsored athletes choose Herbalife® products to support their performance and recovery for a variety of disciplines, such as soccer, triathlon, basketball and motor sports.

Herbalife is proud to be the Global Nutrition Partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, international soccer superstar. Using our range of sports nutrition products, we work with Ronaldo to maximize his personal nutrition program.

Herbalife sponsorships teams

Dozens of elite sports teams around the world choose Herbalife as their Official Nutrition Company. Herbalife® products have benefits that can support athletic performance, including healthy meal replacement, support for endurance exercise, increased energy, hydration, and support for muscle recovery.

Herbalife is the Presenting Sponsor and Official Nutrition Partner of the LA Galaxy as well as many other top soccer teams around the world.

Herbalife sponsorships events

Herbalife supports public health and fitness by sponsoring and taking part in a wide range of events around the world including soccer tournaments, triathlons, bike races, boat races and more.

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